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About Wellington Malayalee Association

The history of Kerala immigrants in Wellington dates back several decades. It is our belief that a dynamic and creative evolution is vital to the growth and welfare of every growing society. Therefore we feel that it is high time for us to get organised, so as to be able to represent ourselves better.

To achieve this, we should not only define and clarify to ourselves the values, beliefs, and aspirations of the Kerala community, but also consider how our unique cultural aspects would interlink and harmonise with the norms and values of the wider society around us and the western way of life.We also would like to aim at teaching our mother tongue Malayalam to our children and future generations.

This endeavour to bring about the integration of our community within the broader social context, has to be based on equality and should be able to transcend the diverse religious, social, financial, and educational backgrounds of our members if any. The Wellington Malayalee Association is the outcome of such an egalitarian and enlightened thinking.

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