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WMA Membership


  1. There will be Single Adult Membership and Family membership (spouses/partners/kids) options. The membership fee will be decided by the elected Executive committee each year.

  2. The membership will be valid for one financial year with an option to renew annually.


Member Benefits:


  1. Voting Rights in the Annual General Meeting (AGM):

    • Members 18 years and above will have the privilege to vote during the AGM, 

    • Their voices will shape the association’s decisions, leadership, and future initiatives.

  2. Priority Access for Tickets:

    • Members will have early access to event tickets, ensuring they don’t miss out on popular WMA events.

    • This benefit applies to cultural programs, concerts, workshops, and other special events.

  3. Exclusive Members-Only Benefits

    • WMA will organize specific programs exclusively for members.

    • These could include language classes, cultural workshops, or networking sessions.

    • No registration fee for WMA events

    • Discounted price for WMA ticketed events

  4. Discounts at Retail Stores and Sponsor Partners:

    • WMA members will enjoy discounts at select retail stores and businesses affiliated with WMA.

    • These discounts could apply to groceries, restaurants, clothing, and other services.

  5. Community Networking and Social Events:

    • Members will have opportunities to connect with fellow Malayalees through social gatherings, picnics, and community events.

    • Building strong bonds within the community is a key benefit.

  6. Access to WMA Newsletters and Updates:

    • Regular newsletters will keep members informed about upcoming events, cultural news, and community achievements.

    • Stay connected with WMA’s activities and initiatives.

  7. Supporting Community:

    • By becoming a member, individuals contribute to the growth and sustainability of WMA.

    • Membership fees directly support community projects, cultural celebrations, and outreach efforts.

    • Only members will be eligible to request supporting documents from the organisation for official purposes.

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