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WMA Ponnonam

Onam is the national festival of Kerala symbolizing equality, prosperity and the triumph of good. Since 2009, WMA celebrates Onam in Wellington making it the 2nd largest ethnic event in Lower Island. The Onam sadya (feast) is another indispensable part of Thiruvonam mega event. The Onasadya reflects the spirit of the season and is traditionally made with seasonal vegetables. The feast is served on banana leaves and consists of many courses, include over a dozen dishes including payasam(Kheer or firni) which is a sweet pudding.  Also we will have cultural dances and other cultural programs.

Date : 27th August 2023, Sunday

Time: 10:30 a.m

Venue: Indian association hall, Kilbirnie 

Adult tickets: $30

Child ticket : $20 age between 5-17. 

Entry is free for under 5 years old.

*Processing fees: $1.50


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